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    Cleaning Under the Couch: Where Have I Been?

    Hey everyone!  I know it’s been a minute since there was an update to the site, and I wanted to let you know what’s been going on! As our long-time readers may recall, I am getting married in about 2 weeks!  A lot of my time and energy has been going into preparing for the transition, including a move into a space that can accommodate my wife and me. I’ve also been really building up my counseling practice, which has also taken some time away from being able to create consistent content here.  Since this is mostly a passion project, sometimes it has to give way to the day job. In…

  • DRM is a good thing in a relationship!
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    Always On DRM – A Good Thing in Love

    The Gaming world knows all about DRM (Digital Rights Management); it’s brought about all sorts of controversy, especially in the days of “Always On DRM”, which could render a game unplayable if you were not connected to the internet.  But that’s not the sort of DRM I want to talk about today.  Instead of “Digital Rights Management”, I want to think of DRM as “Dating, Relationship, and Marriage”.  And even though regular DRM can be frustrating, this type is awesome! The Importance of DRM The key to a good DRM system is remembering that while each part is distinct, they all work together to make your partnership run smoothly!  So…

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    The Romance Quest

    Last time we talked about the main quest line in life, and how every choice we make affects how we progress through our own story.  The large arcs all combine in creating the person that we are becoming, and the things we do in the meantime become our side quests.  But what about that thing that exists in between the main quest and the side quests?   Where does the romance quest line fit in? What is the Romance Quest? We’ve talked about romance on the blog before; it’s kind of what we’re all about here at Couch Co-Op.  But today we’re going to dive a little deeper into what the…

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    The Main Quest Line

    As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been playing The Witcher 3 lately.  As a lifelong fan of RPGs stretching all the way back to the halcyon days of the SNES, I have grown up in a world more or less defined by quests.  I assume most people reading this will know what a questline is, but just in case: A quest in a video game is a particular goal that you are working toward; a quest line is when a group of quests all center around moving you toward a larger goal.  There are two types of quest: the main quest, and side quests. For example, in The…

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    Romance is More Fun in Real Life

    I recently started playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, because I am late to almost every party.  After reaching the first romantic entanglement, I began thinking about how difficult it is to simulate true romance.  The Witcher series has a long backlog of world-building that stretches back nearly 30 years; so it’s relationships feel more fleshed out than other games, like BioWare’s Dragon Age or Mass Effect series’.  But still, something was missing. Minor spoilers for a 3-year-old game incoming When I first met Keira Metz, I had a few clues that she would be a romance option.  2 particularly obvious ones in the bath scene (why even render nipples…

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    3 Steps to a Simple Fight

    Fighting in a relationship is an inevitability.  Any time there is a disagreement between 2 people, there is an opportunity for conflict to bubble over into a fight; and the more distance there is between the 2 positions, the more destructive those fights can be. But what if there was a way to make fights simple, easy, and constructive?  They wouldn’t be quite so scary anymore!  Well that’s what I want to share with you today!  I’ve boiled fights down to 3 basic steps that can carry you through just about any conflict. Navigate Your Experience The first step toward having a constructive conflict is understanding your own position.  If…

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    2018: The Year of Consistency

    Hello everyone! Happy New Year from the Couch Co-Op Relationship Blog! I have big plans for 2018, and I want to share some of them with you! First off, have you found my YouTube channel? Because I am bringing it back! I am going to be uploading all of my Facebook live streams to my channel for posterity, and linking those videos in blog posts! For the month of January, every day (except Sundays) I am doing a live stream about different Couch Co-Op related topics, and I invite everyone to tune in, leave some comments, and join the conversation!

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    Free Association: Grief and the Holidays

    Remember when I told you about Free Association?  The vlog that is all about mental health advice from legit therapists, one of whom is myself?  Well, aside from doing live streams on Facebook, we also share those streams online!  Here is our debut episode: Grief and the Holidays! Grief is a Measure of Love Such a cheery topic, I know. But as Christmas approaches, it’s important to remember those we’ve lost; and make sure that our celebrations include an appropriate amount of remembrance.  In the video, we discuss the importance of making decisions about just how much we want to celebrate holidays after we lose someone we care about.  A…

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    Blog Update: Cleaning Under the Couch

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hey everyone!  Content has been a bit on the sparse side, but I promise that there is a reason for that!  I have several announcements to make, so I figured I would give you all a general blog update! Couch Co-Op Relationship…Vlog??? In the near future, the Couch Co-Op Relationship Blog will be joining the video revolution!  I am in the process of developing some video content to share with you all that I think is going to be really great!  Stay tuned to the Couch Co-Op Facebook page for more information and live Q&A sessions! I do still intend on producing written content for…

  • Appreciation is the greatest relationship buff of all!
    Couch Co-op: The Relationship Blog

    5 Ways to Buff Your Relationship Through Appreciation

    Relationships are amazing things.  They are one of the best ways for us to meet our needs for emotional connection, intimacy, acceptance, appreciation and support.  Not the only way, to be sure, but certainly one of the most efficient.  So it would make sense that having a strong relationship would translate into getting those needs met consistently.  So how do you get there?  Is there a “relationship buff” that you can hack into your relationship to make it unstoppable? Yes, actually!  I have 5 for you right here! (For the uninitiated: a “buff” is something that makes you stronger; while a “de-buff” or a “nerf” makes you weaker.) It is…