How to Keep Your Relationship Up to Date

Keeping your relationship up to date is as simple as making sure you read the patch notes! Knowing that change happens makes it easier to navigate when it does!

Any gamer will tell you how frustrating it is to buy a new game on release day, bring it home, and there’s already an update for it.  We have this notion that a game needs to be complete when it ships, most likely because that’s how it was in the…

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5 Date Night Ideas For The Nerdy Couple

Keeping love alive requires constant input from both of you. The best way to boost a lagging connection is by dating each other, so here are 5 ideas for your next nerdy date night!

Love is a wonderful thing, and it is essential to feed it a regular diet of fun and adventure in order for your relationship to stay connected.  Just like the internet, a lagging connection can cause immense frustration in relationships.  The best way to keep your connection stable?  Dating.  To…

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Healthy Conflict vs. Dirty Fighting

Conflict doesn't have to be a dirty word. If you and your partner focus on having healthy conflict, then you can make your fights work for you instead of against you!

I talk a lot on this blog about the difference between conflict and fighting, and I think that it’s high time I talked about the difference between the two.  I’ve mentioned that conflict is unavoidable in the past, but what is it that separates healthy conflict from dirty fighting? Healthy Conflict…

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Ready To Get Married? 5 Ways To Know

5 Ways to Know if You're Ready to Get Married. Getting engaged is not an easy decision, and there is no such thing as hard proof that you're ready. But here are 5 basic guidelines that can point you toward whether it's the right time for Player 2 to start playing!

Mawwaige. That bwessed awwangement. It can be a scary thing, especially if you’ve been burned before; but when it comes to commitment to your partner, it is one of the greatest expressions of dedication. It takes more than love, and it takes more than just finishing each others sandwiches. How…

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10 Ways to Say I Love You

It can be tough to find ways to say I love you. Often, the best way is also the easiest way! Learn more at the Couch Co-Op Relationship Blog!

This may come as a shock to some of you, but relationships are hard.  When two people spend any significant amount of time together, friction will happen.  And just like any other situation where friction can occur, the best way to prevent damage is by lubrication.  Oil for engines, water…

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Contentment: Loving What You Have

How can games teach us about finding contentment in relationships? This article from Couch Co-Op is about finding the answer that very question!

When I was a child, we had a Super Nintendo, a Sega Genesis, and a Game Boy.  While my brothers and I weren’t exactly starved for game options, what we had was what we had.  And I loved all of them.  I played them all to the point where I…

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