Couch Co-op: The Relationship Blog

Welcome to Couch Co-Op, the Relationship Blog at!  I want to help you level up your relationship.

This blog is all about getting the relationship that you want.  There will lots of discussion about handling conflict, building intimacy, and winning the game of love in general.

I will share research with you about what makes love last as well as what cuts it down before its time.  I will also showcase some techniques so that you can learn how to create the relationship you want.

And of course, I hope that we can have some fun in the process!  This isn’t just a place to go for advice about how to fix problems.  There is nothing saying that we can’t take a good thing and make it better!

My old blog was all about giving good relationship advice, and I plan on continuing that here.  I’m going to go ahead and leave those articles up for posterity, but I will be publishing new content here on this site!

So stay tuned for updates (shooting for at least once a week) about building and maintaining good relationships!

Joey Mowery

I am a blogger, artist, hipster, and wannabe renaissance man. I use video games and pop culture as a means to educate others on mental health and relationship topics.

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