Free Association: Grief and the Holidays

Remember when I told you about Free Association?  The vlog that is all about mental health advice from legit therapists, one of whom is myself?  Well, aside from doing live streams on Facebook, we also share those streams online!  Here is our debut episode: Grief and the Holidays!

Grief is a Measure of Love

Such a cheery topic, I know. But as Christmas approaches, it’s important to remember those we’ve lost; and make sure that our celebrations include an appropriate amount of remembrance.  In the video, we discuss the importance of making decisions about just how much we want to celebrate holidays after we lose someone we care about.  A few of the high points:

  1. We experience grief because we loved that person
  2. There is nothing saying that you HAVE to celebrate a holiday, or even that you have to be happy
  3. You can be joyful and sad at the same time.

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Joey Mowery

I am a blogger, artist, hipster, and wannabe renaissance man. I use video games and pop culture as a means to educate others on mental health and relationship topics.

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