Couchless Co-Op: Dealing with Long Distance

Making long distance relationships work is a challenge. But it is absolutely doable, if you do it together!

My girlfriend is out of town for a few days, which has me thinking about all of the relationships out there that do not have the luxury of being in the same zip code at any given time. In the US, there are an estimated 14 million long distance relationships,…

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Vulnerability: Love’s Hidden Mechanic

Your armor isn't as thick as you might thing. But vulnerability is a good thing.

Anyone who knows me well will know that one of my favorite games right now is Destiny. I’m super hyped for the beta tomorrow, so I thought it would be a good time to talk about something that I see at play in the game and in real life: how…

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Gratitude: The One Thing Your Partner Needs

Gratitude: The Co-Op player's secret weapon!

There are thousands of things competing for our attention these days.  Personally, I’ve been almost single-minded in my pursuit of completing the Age of Triumph in Destiny before Destiny 2 comes out (Which I’m pleased to say that I did just this week!)  In all the hustle and bustle of…

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Technology and Relationships: A Battle For The Ages

Are technology and relationships at odds with each other? Only if you allow them to be. Read more at!

It’s almost cliche at this point to say that technology and relationships don’t always mix well, but it bears repeating.  As with most things, there is a fine line between using technology and being used by it. That phone in your pocket has the power to keep you and your…

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15 minutes to a better relationship

15 minutes a day can deepen your relationship if you let it. Take a small amount of time to connect with purpose. Read more at

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if it were possible to supercharge your relationship in 15 minutes?  I mean, if relationships were that easy, everyone would be in happy, fulfilling and satisfying relationships, so if there really is a way that I can make my relationship better in 15 minutes, I want…

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3 Golden Keys To Intimacy

Three Golden Keys to Intimacy - Couch Co-Op Relationship Blog

There is a lot of advice in the world about how to have a good relationship. And while a lot of it is advice that I can get behind, like “Respect each other”; there is some that is…less reputable…Wouldn’t it be nice if having a strong, healthy relationship was simple?…

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Classic Content

As many of you may know, I once ran another blog.  I am in the process of migrating the “classic content” from that blog over to this site.  There is a lot of “under the hood” stuff that I am fixing up, and I am doing some editing to freshen up the content, so you may start to see old blog posts get rolled out here and there over the next week or so.

In the meantime, you can read all of it here!



Couch Co-op: The Relationship Blog

The couple that plays together stays together!

Welcome to Couch Co-Op, the Relationship Blog at!  I want to help you level up your relationship. This blog is all about getting the relationship that you want.  There will lots of discussion about handling conflict, building intimacy, and winning the game of love in general. I will share…

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